Monday, November 30, 2009

It just keeps getting wierder and wierder!!!

About the time you start thinking things may start making sense, you find out they really don't.
In spite of the global warming HOAX being exposed, (recent "hacked" emails of those who are pushing that nonsense) our Messiah and his idiotic democrat controlled Congress continue to want to enact a CAP & TRADE bill. That will be a complete DIASTER. Any fool should know that in a recession the LAST thing you do is to raise taxes and
impose more regulations on businesses----especially small businesses. Millions more will lose their jobs when their employers move out of the USA. Our TRUE unemployment rate is 17.5%. With Cap & Trade it could easily rise to 25%. We'd better get the soup kitchens and bread lines ready. To still believe global warming is real is just plain STUPID and as Ron White (aka Tater Salad) says "there's no cure for stupid".
It is my conviction that the Muslims who paid for Obama's education have told him to bankrupt the USA.They haven't been able to do it with their outlandish oil prices so now they will have him do it. I believe Obama is a "closet" Muslim and is following their wishes.
Americans MUST NOT re-elect any democrats presently in Congress but MUST elect conservative Republicans or Independents then Kiss Obama goodbye in 2012.
It will take years to undo the damage that Obama has done in just 9 months. May GOD help us.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Your Health care is headed for thew cesspool

Pelosi got her health care bill approved. I suppose the Senate health care bill will also be approved. Then the two bills will have to be compromised into one. If that bill is enacted you can kiss the care you are used to GOODBYE. In spite of what Obama, Pelosi, or Reid says there will be waiting and rationing. There just aren't enough doctors to make it work. It takes 8 to 10 years to educate and train a general practitioner. Add another 4 or 5 years to educate and train a specialist of any kind. It is expected that 45% of physicians practicing now will "retire". This will create a super shortage, and the quality of care will deteriorate.
When the politicians passed Medicare and estimated the cost of it they were off by a factor of 8.
They estimate the cost of government controlled health care at about $1.3trillion the first 10 years.
If they are again off by a factor of 8, the cost will be closer to $1.trillion per year.
Obama and his democratic Congress have already spent the USA to the brink of bankruptcy and the government controlled health care will shove us over the brink. Our dollar is losing value rapidly. I doubt that China or our other debtors will agree to be paid in dollars.
In closing, it is readily apparent that the USA is in a very deep hole. So why are Obama and his
Congress still shoveling?