Monday, August 31, 2009

Very Worried about Obama's plans for the USA

I'm very worried about where this country is headed. We were warned----many times he said he would transform the USA. Firstly he is transforming it into a bankrupted country.Secondly, his czars seem to be fiends he found under some rocks. Thirdly, his "healthplan" should be called a DEATH plan especially as far as old people are concerned. He denies there will be rationing, but there will be. There just are not enough doctors to avoid it. Canada's system is a travesty----their cancer death rate is a disgrace. In England breast cancer patients do not get chemotherapy because it costs too much.Americans are not good "waiters"----most are used to almostinstant care. Obama and his idiotic Congress seem hell bent to pass the Cap and Trade bill. That will be a disaster----thousands of lost jobs. Our true unemployed rate is over 10%----they aren't counting those who have quit looking for a job. And the last thing our economy needs is an increase in taxes and utility bills (which he says will SKYROCKET). His real plan is to make the USA into a copy of an European socialistic country. Recently he has mentioned a "constitutional convention". He would like to do away with our right to free speech and our right to "bear arms". It is time to get on your roof and shout "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more".

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chris Dodd in hot water again

Chris Dodd has never lived in a house that he paid for----friends and people who have wanted him to push legislation they wanted enacted. Conversely to vote against they did not want enacted. I wrote a previous bit about this which is posted on my blog. He even "owns" a place in Ireland.
He got "special treatment" when he in 2003 took out mortgages on 2 of his "homes"---one in Coonnecticut and one in Washington D.C.. They came with V.I.P. treatment that lowered every cost usually involved in a Countrywide mortgage: origination fees, points, and the interest rate.
This was in return for favorable action by Dodd when regulations concerning the mortgage industry are discussed by Congress.
Dodd came by his crookedness without going outside his family. His father was kicked out of Congress for campaign fund violations anf other misdoings.
When I heard he has prostatic cancer, I hoped his bone scan would light up like a Christmas tree. But no such luck----they caught it early. He should be KICKED out of Congress just like his father was.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still NO certified birth certificate from Obama

Since he was elected Obama has spent $1,352,378.95 to keep his birth certificate, college records, and law school records secret. He has used international law firm Perkins Coie. Since he announced his campaign he has paid Perkins Coie $2,300,000.
What is he hiding? Law suits filed by several lawyers have all been dismissed without stating a really good reason.

I think it is time for his being eligible to hold the office be proved one way or another. There is
a video on you tube in which Governor Richardson states that Obama was not born any place in the USA. Obama's actions make one think he has MUCH to hide. I think he is a closet MUSLIM.

I watched his town hall meeting today and it was obvious that he doesn't really know what all is in that bill or if he knows then he is LYING again. He still says there are 47 million people without health insurance. But that figure includes 12 million illegal aliens and 20 million citizens who could afford insurance but don't think they need it. So a more accurate figure would be about 25 million. He wants CONTROL of another 15% of our economy. Do you know what POWER is? It is an acronym for "Piss On Who Ever Resists"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are tired of all the liberal crap yet.

If you are not very tired of all the liberal crap that has been thrown your way, I'd have to say you've had your head up your ass so long that you are constipated and have "fecal amnesia" If you don't get your head out of there very soon you will be living in the United Socialist States of America. Obama, whose education was paid for by Muslims, told us on many occasions that he was going to transform America---and he MEANT it. He is pushing us toward a copy of an European Socialist State. He has taken over the auto industry. the banking industry, and now is trying to take over the health industry (another 15% of our GNP). He is narciissitic and lately seems paranoid. Lord Acton said "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" Truer words were never spoken. Obama cares about nobody but himself. There was a video on you tube that showed Obama, his "dear friend Professor Gates" and the policeman who arrested him going down the Whitehouse steps toward the Rose garden for their "beer party". Guess who helped Dr. Gates down the steps---it sure as hell was NOT the Messiah. This should tell you a lot about Obama's character. Next on his list after Health care (death care for us old folks) is how to raise your children. He thinks the Europeans do a better job. In a nutshell he wants to CONTROL every aspect of your life. You'd best start praying often and loud for your children and grandchildren---they are destined to be paupers and slaves to the government.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Is Obama becoming paranoid?

I just heard on the radio that if you get an email about his proposed health plan, he wants you to report it to Also he wants the name of anybody you hear discussing his plan in public. In other words he wants to know who is saying what about his "death" (especially for old folks) plan.
He is narissistic----several psychiatrists have pointed this out. Now he is sounding paranoid. I guess you can have two psychiatric conditions at one time. I suppose the liberals will be ratting on people. The question is: what will he do with the information. One guess is that it could affect the way you are taxed or treated by the IRS (which is run by his friend Geitener (?) who didn't pay his income taxes. I would not turn in my worst enemy but I am tempted to turn in some of my liberal acquaintances. Notice I didn't say liberal friends. I am trying to get to the point that anyone who is a liberal doesn't really exist. I am convinced that liberals are born with a brain defect that prohibits them from thinking logically. Have you noticed that if a liberal and a conservative are arguing the liberal will always butt in before the conservative can make his point? And most conservaties don't butt in while the LIB is talking

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The USA was started by Christains.

I just saw on Fox News how the USA got its start. All the members of the Constitutional Congress were devout Christains. After six weeks of bickering Ben Franklin suggested they adjourn for three days and attend church and pray a lot. When they resumed negotiatons there was no bickering and five weeks later the Constitution was signed by all of the deligates.
For many years each day both houses started the day with prayer. Every President has had a prayer day except Obama----maybe he couldn't decide in which Mosque to have it.
Think about this----most everybody says he is the first BLACK president. HE IS NOT BLACK---his mother was WHITE. Therefore he is a mulatto. But I don't believe he or his wife like white folks.(Obvious from what she wrote in college). Many times during his campaign he said he would transform America and he sure as hell is trying his best to do just that. Firstly he will bankrupt the country. Acorn and SEIU tell him what they want---between them they gave his campaign over $100million ----he spent over $800million. The liberal media love him---I wonder if they will still love him when he tells them what they can air or print. (I'll bet that will happen). He may even try to change the Constitution so he could serve more than two terms. His Democratic Congress MUST not be elected in 2010 and if he runs again in 2012, he must be defeated.