Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Obama a "closet" Muslim? Begining to looklike it.

Obama has just appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland Security posts:
David Heyman is now Assistant Sectretary for Policy
Arif Alikhan is now Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. He was instrumental in taking
down the LAPD plan to monitor LA's Muslim community. He is a Sunni.

This is very troubling. There are several (12 I think) Muslim camps inside the USA that teach terrorist tactics including bomb making. I know that most Americans are nice people but why on earth do we tolerate crap such as this. If I were President these camps would be raided, everybody there would be imprisoned and /or DEPORTED if they survived the raid. And the camp facilities burned to the ground.
Obama stated many times during his campaign that he would "transform" America. I sure as hell don't like ANYTHING that he has done so far, especially his apologizing to the world for some of our past actions. Maybe we should have let Germany win WWII---Hitler was more straight forward than Obama has been or will ever be----we knew he was EVIL.
WAKE UP AMERICA!! It is Getting VERY late. We must not elect Obama again. It will take several years to undo the damage he has done in just 6 months with the help of Congress that is controlled by Democratic IDIOTS. ENOUGH (actually TOO MUCH) ALREADY.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A friend of mine got an invitation from AARP to register for a Town Hall meeting today at 1:30pm with Obama and AARP about Obama's health plan. Here is his reply with which I agree entirely.
"You can take your left leaning AARP and put it where the sun doesn't shine. The AARP is no longer promoting the well being of the senior citizens of this country. You are now nothing more than another ACORN, promoting the liberal agenda of this President. $500billion is proposed to be cut from Medicare and 12 million or more illegal aliens are to recieve FREE medical care. Now tell me, as an American that has worked all his life, how this is going to benefit most hard working and retired Americans? There is no cost containment in this bill. It will bankrupt our country. It is a LIFE TERMINATION POLICY FOR THE SENIORS OF THIS COUNTRY. MY QUESTION IS:
"WHY THE HELL IS THE AARP SUPPORTING THIS PLAN?" Your promotion of this plan makes Adolf Hitler look like a Saint. The AARP is helping to destroy the United States".

I'm sure he will not renew his membership----I dropped mine about 5 years ago.
There is some cost containment in Obama's bill-----He will let us old folks die if it is going to cost too much to treat us---a decision made by some government numbskull who could care less.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Miscalculation or lie?

Obama states that 47,000,000 Americans are without health insurance. the real number is
about 35,000,000. Apparently he was adding in about 12,000,000 illegal aliens. Maybe the point is moot----the Democratic Senate can't even figure out how to finance it. I don't suppose any of them would take a pay cut. Maybe Al Gore would be willing to throw in a few million---he has made over $3million off of his global warming BS. But Al has to pay his utility bill each month---the equal of the total for six average households. He spent a lot of money "greening" his house and now his utility bill is 20% higher. Do you feel sorry for him-----I sure DON'T. His "carbon footprint" is BIG---but he buys "carbon permits" from his mining company. Out of his left pocket into his right pocket. He really has done well for a guy that flunked out of seminary and got into law school only because his father was an U.S. Senator

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Is Obama related to Pinochio

It's a good thing that Obama was born in Kenya. If he had been born in Italy he surely would be related to the famous puppet. As many lies as he has told during his campaign and since taking the office he "bought" with the aid of the media by now his nose would be many feet long.
I believe he is one of those people who would rather lie to you than tell you the truth. I doubt that he would know the truth if it bit him in the ass. His wife isn't much better. She has been a "vice president" of the Chicago University Hospital for several years. After Barak got a $1million dollar grant for the hospital her salary was raised to over $400,000. She started a program that was supposed to help poor people in the area of the hospital. Now if an injured or sick poor person goes to the University Hospital Emergency Room if they can't pay or don't have insurance they are sent down the street to a free clinic. Now that is really helpful isn't it?

But I guess she is much happier about America now that she lives in the Whitehouse.

May God and the voters forbid Obama a second term.

Friday, July 24, 2009

More on lobbyists and other crooks.

Do you know who writes the rules & regulations for lobbyists? Congress does. So to get around this ex-congressmen etc. call themselves "strategic advisers", "policy advisers", or "government
relations consultants". Thus former congressmen or congresswomen, relatives of them, or former campaign personel can "legally" do the very same things that a lobbyist can do. They can charge very high fees to corporations, foriegn governments, labor unions. trade associations etc. to try to get passed or to kill special-interest legislation or to get favorite projects funded.
Some of these people are:
President Bill Clinton--gets paid to help push legislation favorable to those who pay him.
Ted Kennedy Jr.----discussed earlier---very brazen.
Tom Daschle--ex Senate majority leader. His wife also "lobbies" Obama broke a campaign
promise when he appointed him Sect.of health & human services. Daschel also
had been on the Board of Mayo Clinic. And Daschel was an employee of Alston &
Bird---this group made almost $8million from drug companies, nursing homes,
Laboratories, nurses, and insurance companies. Also he got big bucks for speeches
for health giants (United Health Group). His income in 2008 was over $8.8million.
George Mittchell--another ex-Senate majority---a great friend of Dubai---worked for DLA
Piper and helped with the"camel jockey case" He forgot to pay all of his income tax?
Trent Lott----ex-Senate majority leader who resigned from the Senate and joined Breaux Lott
Leadership Group---their income in 2008 was just over $8million.
Bob Livingston-ex-House minority leader---resigned from the House after he was exposed of
having an extramarital affairs. These were publicized right after he shamed
Clinton about his B.J.'s etc. with Monica Lewinsky. Sounds like tit for tat. He is an
in your face lobbist who made a little over $9million in 2008.
Matthew Nugen---was "political advisor" to Obama during his campaign. He is now a
"strategic advisor" with the Ogilvy Group. Their income in 2008 was about
So you can see that being a lobbyist---excuse me---a strategic advisor or a government consultant is a very good job if you can get it. But I can't understand how these guys can sleep at night or look in the mirror and not get nauseated every morning.
Another Book to read: "FLEECED" by Dick Morris &Eileen McGann

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lobbyists and other Crooks.

I have never had much respect for the Kennedy family----I don't even like the way the family fortune was made. For those of you who don't know, here it is. FDR appointed Ted and Jack's father to be the ambassador to England. He knew Prohibition was going to be repealed. So he had several boat loads of liquor waiting just outside the 3 mile boundary and they docked as soon as the announcment was made. In addition he had set it up so that he got a royalty on every bottle of scotch that was (and maybe still does) imported into the USA. DAMN it I like scotch.
Then there is Ted Kennedy Sr.---the one who drove off the bridge. A FBI friend of mine told me Ted didn't know Kopeckne was asleep in the back seat. But Ted was more interested in the woman in the passenger seat. They both swam to safety across the bay. (Why didn't they just swim back to the island). He waited several hours to report the accident---no doubt he wanted to become sober.
Ted Kennedy Jr. has no problem using his father's position to make a lot of money. He started a
"health advisory" firm called "Marwood Group". They offer info and advice on what to expect from D.C. on issues that relate to health care changes and and to the health care industry. Marwood hung out it's shingle to lobby from 2001 to 2004. Ted Sr. was the chairman of the Senate Committee on Health,Education,Labor & Pensions. Marwood was contacted by Bristol-Myers Squibb who made Glucophage ( a diabetic drug on which the patent was about to expire and they wanted to extend the patent, if successful they would make billions of dollars). So BMS wanted to meet with Ted Sr. Ted Jr. set the meeting up and was paid $20,000 by BMS in 2001.They had already spent $4.9million on other lobbyists. Marwood never reported the contact with Ted Sr. as they were required to do. In 2003 BMS paid Marwood $80,000 to help get an appropriation to permit Medicare to pay for myocardial perfusi9on imaging. Guess what Senator was called first. Advanced Medical gave Marwood about $160,000 over a 3 year period.
Ted Jr. started another lobbying firm---WayPoint Advisors and Advanced Medical paid this firm $80,000 in the first two years. In 2004 it came out that Ted Jr. had commissions of millions
from labor unions and the city of Boston. WayPoint shut down in 2006 after Congress made lobbying by family members and spouses illegal. (McCain & Obama pushed this bill).
There is more on lobbyists but not room enough---so expect more later!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Holdren new Science czar--despicable character

Recently Obama appointed John Holdren as "Science czar". This man is a bona fide fascist Fruitcake only nuttier. He and Paul & Anne Erlich in 1997 wrote a book titled "ECOSCIENCE". I will give you some quotes from that book. I am sure they will blow your mind!!! "Women could be forced to have an abortion even if they didn't want it. Babies born to single women or to teen aged women should be taken away from them and given to families who want them. Undesirables should be sterilized or aborted if they become pregnant. Compulsory abortions would be legal if needed to assure the country doesn't become overpopulated. Mass sterilization through drugs added to the water supply is OK as long as it doesn't harm livestock. The government could control women's reproduction by sterilization or mandatory implantation of long term birth control drugs. The kind of people who cause social deterioration can be compelled not to have children. Nothing is wrong or illegal about the government dictating family size. A Planetary Regime should control the global economy and dictate the number of children allowed to be born. We will need to surrender national sovereignty to an armed international police force". There is much more. I suggest you google John Holdren and go to Obama' science czar--forced abortions. Where does the Messiah find all these NUTS? I guess it takes one to know one!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where are the jobs Obama promised?

When Obama was "selling" his $787 billion "stimulus" he promised it would save and create 3 or 4 million joba. Unemployment at that time was 7.2 %. It is now 9.6% nationally and it is 11% in Indiana. I have read articles by several writers who say that unemployment could go as high as 20%. As I remember, during the 1930's depression it was never higher than 25%.
If Congress passes the CAP AND TRADE bill you may well see 25% unemployment. Many manufacturers will trim their work force to the absolute minimum. Many others will move to another country and leave their employees without a job. China and India will be the major winners!!! We Americans will be the major LOSERS!!
It IMPERATIVE that in 2010 the Republicans gain control of the House and the Senate.
In particular Pelosi and Reid must be sent back to the rat holes from which they came. And I mean REAL Republicans----Not another Specter!!
In 2012 I would love to see Huckabee or Romney elected as President witth Palin as VEEP. In the meantime I suggest you buy GOLD---our dollar is becoming worthless---but the Mint keeps printing them as fast as they can---even China doesn't like them!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

No "rant" today---too depressed!!

I don't have a "rant" for today----I am too damned depressed by where this country is headed under Obama and his idiotic Congress. I'm beginning to think that many Americans deserve what is just around the corner. They just don't seem to care. But I don't want to live in a Socialist country. Should I learn Mandarin (chief chinese dialect) and be ready when China asks to be paid in American land. A few trillion dollars will buy a lot of land at$5000/acre Or should I learn Portugese (main language in Argentina) so I could emigrate there----an American enclave is being established there in the Andean foothills. Or should I move to Texas and hope that it secedes from the USA----it is the only American state that can legally do that. But I understand that Texas is in financial trouble. Oh well maybe I will become very ill and under Obama's health plan it might cost too much to treat me so they will just let me die.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama has plans to destroy the 2nd amendment

Obama will use a treaty signed by President Clinton with the OAS in 1997. The OAS includes all independent nations of the Western Hemisphere except Cuba. Clinton never presented the treaty to Congress, nor did BushII so it has never been ratified. The treaty is commonly known as CIFTA. At the OAS meeting in April 2009 President Obama said he would send the treaty to our Senate for ratification. He falsely claimed that the convention was merely an expression of good will. If ratified, police and sheriffs sales of confiscated guns would be oulawed by CIFTA. Also reloading ammunition would be outlawed. (At present in every U.S. state reloading is legal).
Thus either the Federal or each state government would have to pass laws to impose loading licenses and define unlicsensed reloading as a crime. Currently U.S. law requires a license to manufacture firearms. Under CIFTA you would need a license to make ANY part of a gun or to attach a scope, sling or bipod to any gun or to repair a gun yourself. It is easy to foresee Obama-appointed judges upholding massive new BATFE ( Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) gun control regulations, especially when Hillary Clinton and the State Department's
top legal advisor insists to the courts that expanded federal regulations are necessary for the U.S. to comply with its international law obligations. Further CIFTA could be used to impose national licensing, regulation and taxation of gun owners without Congress having to enact new laws. The CIFTA treaty can be ratified by 2/3's of the Senate. The House could be cut completely out of the law making process.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama's disastrous health plan.

Obama is really pushing hard to get a national health plan enacted. He says our healrh system is broken. It is not broken but is very stressed by illegals flooding our ER's and by non-payers. I understand that health care may be expensive. The problem is that hospitals have to make money to keep the doors open. I have been on the Hospital Board of trustees for several years. We have spent millions to keep up with technology----They don't give MRI and CAT scanners away and the machines you have been using for five years or so are outdated now and must be replaced. Our local hospital has already gone to electronic records----at a cost over $1million. If everybody could or would pay their bill out of pocket or by insurance we would not be writing off over $1million each month. Most hospitals in Indiana are making no more than 4% over what it costs to treat each patient. Patients who can pay are paying part the bill for those who can't pay.
I mentioned keeping the doors open, the hospitals have to make enough money to expand as the community grows and to replace outdated equipment or add needed equipment. Hospitals also struggle to hire and keep a good nursing staff. There is a national shortage of nurses. Our hospital is fortunate to have an adequate nursing staff---many don't.
As a trustee I'm not getting rich---may yearly stipend works out to about 10 cents per hour spent on hospital meetings, getting prepared for Board meetings and other duties.
There are so many things wrong with Obama's plan I won't even go there. It bothers me most that decisions that really matter would NOT be made locally. Obama likes Canada's system. If it is so good why does any Canadian who can afford it come to America to get good prompt treatment.If you have internet access go to and type in "a short course in brain surgery". I think it will show you what the Canadians are getting for "health care". I don't
think Americans would be happy with their system. And it doesn't work any better elsewhere.
England will not give chemotherapy to breast cancer patients because it is too expensive. Our Senator Daschel has said that if an old person has a disease that would be expensive to cure that person should be allowed to die. I'm old and not real healthy BUT I'M NOT READY TO DIE.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It looks like Sotomayor will be approved to be on the Supreme Court. Obama may need her soon and desperately. The Court has agreed to hear a case that could be the end of Obama as our President. It seems that he went to Pakistan in 1981. He could NOT go there on an American passport because NOBODY was allowed to do that. So what passport did he use.
If he used a British passport that apparently proves he was born in Kenya----like his Grandmother claims. She has said she "attended" his birth. If he used an Indonesian passport that means he was adopted by his step-father and therefore was and is a citizen of Indonesia. The USA does not allow dual citizenship. So I think Obama is between a stone wall and a hard spot. One MUST be a natural born citizen of the USA to be eligible to be President!!
I don't know if he also has more passports. I believe we don't know for sure just who the hell he really is. We do however know he is a SOCIALIST and is trying hard to bankrupt this once mighty nation.
It may turn out to be a very interesting year. I have no idea of when the trial may start but I do know how I want it to end.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs stands to make billions of dollars if the Cap and Trade bill is passed. Do you remember Geitner who Obama appointed as Sect. of the Treasury. He came from Goldman Sachs. Goldman Sachs got a lot of money in the bailout. Geitner in his new position saw to it that Goldman's two best rival were allowed to fail so Goldman now has very little competition.
Their plan is to buy a very big bunch of "carbon permits" and sell them at a jacked-op price to those companies that will need them. Incidently they are based in Europe and pay no tax to the USA.
The idea behind Cap and Trade is to decrease CO2 emissions to counter global warming. But China and India (two of the world's biggest CO2 producers) have already stated that they will do nothing that might hurt their economy. Maybe they also already know that Global warming is a HOAX. I have already told you that the earth warms up and cools down in 27 year cycles. The last year of warming was 1997 so now the earth is cooling and will do so until 2024.
The media show polar bears not having enough ice to float around on. They are supposedly an endangered species. several years ago it was estimated there were 5,000 of them. The latest esimate says there are now 25.000. Their favorite food is baby seals, lately they have gotten a taste for humans. I don't feel sorry for them at all.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Charlie Rangel---Also a CROOK

Rangel was elected to Congress in 1970----he defeated Adam Clayton Powell a civil rights leader who didn't even show up in Congress very often. Rangel fought in the Korean War. After the wae he finished high school, college, law school and became an assistant US attorney. He is now the hjead of the Ways and Means Committee.
After AIG fiasco and the huge bonuses they gave the executives, the Democrats wanted to wipe out the bonuses by levying special taxes on them. Rangel said NO; but then he changed his mind and sponsored a bill to impose a 90% tax on the bonises paid by AIG and other employees of banks that had gotten bailout money. During debate on the House floor he acted like a raving maniac.Maybe he didn't remember getting campaign money from banks. American Express, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & CO. and other for a total of $380,550,000. Apparently he had also forgotten that he had asked AIG for $10million for a school to be named after him. I guess it was quid pro quo for legislation that AIG wanted passed and it was! Rangel paid his son $80,000 to develope a web site that would help him get re-elected---it was a very good site and experts say it was maybe $100. He forgot to report on his taxes $75,000 rentel income. Seems that Charlis has a terrible memory as well as bein a CROOK.

Crooks in Congress

I don't know just how many crooks there are in Congress but today I want to talk about two of the worst. Chris Dodd andCharlie Rangel are both so crooked they have to screw their socks on each morning.
Dodd likes nice expensive homes----but he has never paid for one. He has no trouble letting people who have interests before Congress buy him a new home. Among the donors are Sanford Bomstein (who had been a fund raiser for chris's father) and Edward R, Downe Jr. (who pled guilty to federal criminal charges because of his blatant insider trading).
Chris may have inheirted his nefarious ways from his father, Senator Thomas Dodd. Thomas had been kicked out of the Senate . He had accepted cash from a corporation in violation of the prohibition on corporate contributions. Also he had double billed tje Senate for travel expenses for 13 trips. And he had the free use of 3 cars paid for by a constituent for 2 years. On top of that he had diverted $116,083 in campaign funds to his personal use.
Ed Downe was beholden to Chris Dodd---Downe had been convicted of wire fraud and tax evasion. Chris got Bill Clinton to issue a full pardon on January 19, 2001---a day before he left office---too little time for the Justice Dept. to do anything aboyt it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Supreme Court Hearing.

I was watching the hearing today. I got very tired of the Democrats praising Sotomayor. In spite of their praises I never saw a halo form over her. I think she would make a horrible judge on that Court. She is at least as liberal as Ginsberg and I think more liberal. A liberal Supreme Court is the last thing America needs at this time. It will be interesting to see how she gets out of some of what she has said. I hope she is not appointed. She is "anti-gun". If we lose the right to own a gun, will it be long before we lose the right of free speech???

It may be very interesting to watch some of the Republican Senators question her.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The cost of Obama's czars

Obama now has 33 czars and is considering at least one more. It is estimated that each czar and his staff will cost us taxpayers at least $1million for each czar and his staff. I don't know if this includes the cost of office space, desks and supplies. I suggest we all bend over and yell RAPE!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Al Gore has become very wealthy from global warming BS

When Al Gore left office as Vice President his net worth was just under $2million. He now has $35million invested in hedge funds. I'd say that's not too bad for a guy who flunked out of divinity school and got into law school only because his father was a Senator. His wealth has come from speaking about and pushing Global warming. Global warming is a HOAX---it is based on a faulty computer program. Remember garbage in & garbage out.

Obama's trip to Russia and the meeting in Italy was a big flop. Putin agreed on one thing---the USA and Russia would reduce their nuclear arsenal by 1/3. In Italy, China and India essentially told the other countries "go fly a kite".
I believe India and China are right---I don't think global warming has anything to do with CO2. I've written about the extended ice core drilled in Greenland that showed a 27 year cycle---the earth cools for 27 years then warms for 27 years---1997 was the last warming year. Yesterday (July 9th 2009) it stayed below 70 F all day in Chicago---hope the Dailey gang all caught pneumonia!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Expensive overhaul

Obama etal are goimg to overhaul will cost a mere $18million. This web site shows where the bailoout money was sent.
Maybe they are trying cover up the fact that blue counties (carried by Obama in the 2008 election)got two times the bailout money that red counnties (carried by McCain in the 2008 election)
AnotherFACT---Obama has managed to spend more money than all the previous 43 Presidents combined. Thats right: from Washington to and including BushII. If you voted for Obama, are you still happy. If you are still happy I bet you are very constipated and as long as you have your head up inside your rectum you will remain constipated!!! Wake up, get your head where it belongs and vote for every Republican you can in 2010----get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Dodd and their cronies.
Obama's popularity is dropping rapidly----only 30% of those polled approve of what he is doing. I believe that percentage is close to the percentage of stupid people in the USA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

National Debt

How bad are things? Herenare some figures that should really scare you:
9. U.S. POPULATION---306,832,907 DOES NOT INCLUDE 11,715,446 ILLEGALS.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Palin resigns

Palin has resigned as Governor of Alaska and the liberals a attacking her for that.
Since she ran for Vice President she has had many "ethics" complaints filed against her. Her legal fees bill is somewhere around $500,000. If she continued her term, by the time she completed her term and the ethics complaints continued at the rate they have been filed----there would be 367 complaints. Her legal fees bill would be astronomical. She has not been found guilty of any of the complaints filed.
I don't blame her for resigning.

Hate Crimes bill

Another bill that will greatly influence what you say or write or post on the Internet is the Hate Crimes bill.I'm sure this idiotic Congress will enact this bill.
I suppose nobody will be allowed to say any thing bad about Obama or Congressmen. It will be a Federal crime and if found guilty you will spend a minimum of two years in prison. This bill was proposed because a woman in California posted "bad things" about an enemy of her daughter on MY SPACE. The girl (enemy)committed suicide. So now we all have to be very careful of what we say or write because of one CRAZY woman!!!

Freedom of speech will be lost by Obama's actions

How will we lose our Constitutional right to free speech? Obama has it all planned! First he has a plan to kill talk radio; he considers Limbaugh and other conservatives as his enemies. He won't use the Fairness Doctrine. He will use a FCC rule requiring diversity, localism and public interest in programming. Each radio station will have to renew its license every two years (at present it is every eight years). Dick Durbin (D IL)inroduced the bill which was passed. This means that there will be diversity in ownership. Thus conservative owner will be forced out and replaced by liberals. The FCC has 5 members, 2 Republicans, 2 Democrats, and one appointed by the President.Thus the FCC can reissue the broadcast license to a more "diverse" group (read left wing liberals).Each station will have an "Advisory Board" that would be powerful and the station owners would have to follow their whims. Obama appointed Julius Genachowski as head of the FCC. The media reform groups
are overjoyed by his appointment. Durbin's bill requires the FCC ensure that station ownership is "diverse" and that licsenses are assigned strictly in the local public interest. Say goodbye to Limbaugh,Garrison,Hanity, Levine and other conservaties!

Obama's transparency

Obama promised his administration would be "transparent" but the only thing transparent about it is that Obama himself is transparent.
It is obious that he knows nothing about economics----he insists on using Keyneasin economics and doesn't realize that it has never and wll never work. But he persists because he wants to bankrupt this country so he can socialize it. He doesn't want to run a car company but he usurps the bankruptcy rules so that the unions win and bond holders and stock holders get royally SCREWED. He as thrown a trillion dollars of "stimulus" money into the economy but very little of it has been spent and the last of it will not be spent until 2024. And now he wants another stimulus. I guess his Democrat cronies in Congress have not yet got all the earmarks they want.
He is pushing hard to socialize medicine (another trillion+ down the old rat hole). His tax evading buddy ex-senator Dashle will write the regulations. They ignore that our health system is NOT BROKEN but is being severly punished by 12 to 20 million illegals who use our emergency rooms for medical care. I say SEND THEM HOME!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Is Obama a "closet" Muslim?

Since taking office Obama has: met with Mahmoud Abbas who is leader of the Fatah party in Palestine----the first head of state he called on. His first TV interview with any news organization was with Al Arabia. His first Executive order was to fund abortions any where in the world with U.S. tax dollars. He has tried to close Gitmo and ordered all trials stopped. He ordered overseas CIA interrogation centers closed. He withdrew all charges against the masterminds behind the USS Cole and the 911 attack.
Yesterday H.R. 1388 was passed. This funds $20million taxpayer dollars to immigrate Hamas
refugees to the USA. This will allow hundreds of thousands of Palestinians with ties to Hamas to resettle in the United States at taxpayers expense.


Monday, July 6, 2009

Books you MUST read as soon as you possibly can:

Glenn Beck-----Common Sense-----Beck doesn't like nor trust politicans Republican or Democrat. And I think you'll agree ater reading it. Largely a bunch of crooks who are only
interested in getting re-elected.

Dick Morris----Catastrophe----He explains where Obama is taking America. Unless you
love Obama like the media does you will love this book.

More on Obama's health care

Even the Canadians don't like their system. Eight months to get a CT scan or a MRI exam. The Canadians who can afford good prompt care come across the border and get their care. A great example is a man who was told by his doctor that he might have a brain tumor. He was told it would be eight months before he could have his MRI. He came to a Detroit hospital and had his MRI the next day and it showed a brain tumor. He took the MRI films back to Canada and they wouldn't even look at them. He came back to the Detroit hospital and was seen by a neurosurgeon and was operated on the next day. The tumor was a glioblastoma. Had he stayed in Canada it would have killed him before he ever got the MRI.
Go to and type in "a short course in brain surgery.
Under Obama's plan, old people with a disease that would be costly to treat will be allowed to DIE. England's plan may be worse---there no chemotherapy for breast cancer patients because it is TOO EXPENSIVE.

Obama's health care plan

Obama's health care plan will be a disaster. He soon will (with his idiotic Democrat Congress)
grant amnesty and citizenship to all illegals. This plus bringing in all the uninsured will mean RATIONING of health care. I am a retired Surgeon and I have talked to many MD's who say they will retire and find another profession if they have not built up an adequate IRA.

It takes 8 years to educate a family physician and at least 13 years to educate a Specialist. There will not be enough physicians to give everybody who needs it prompt good care. who recieves care will be decided by a government employee who has no real knowledge of disease or how to treat any disease. Obama thinks the Canadian model is great----well, it is NOT. In Canada you wait for many things:
To see a doctor---several days
To see a specialist---several weeks and sometimes several months
Elective surgery---as long as 3 years
Heart surgery----you will probably be dead before it is scheduled.