Wednesday, July 22, 2009

John Holdren new Science czar--despicable character

Recently Obama appointed John Holdren as "Science czar". This man is a bona fide fascist Fruitcake only nuttier. He and Paul & Anne Erlich in 1997 wrote a book titled "ECOSCIENCE". I will give you some quotes from that book. I am sure they will blow your mind!!! "Women could be forced to have an abortion even if they didn't want it. Babies born to single women or to teen aged women should be taken away from them and given to families who want them. Undesirables should be sterilized or aborted if they become pregnant. Compulsory abortions would be legal if needed to assure the country doesn't become overpopulated. Mass sterilization through drugs added to the water supply is OK as long as it doesn't harm livestock. The government could control women's reproduction by sterilization or mandatory implantation of long term birth control drugs. The kind of people who cause social deterioration can be compelled not to have children. Nothing is wrong or illegal about the government dictating family size. A Planetary Regime should control the global economy and dictate the number of children allowed to be born. We will need to surrender national sovereignty to an armed international police force". There is much more. I suggest you google John Holdren and go to Obama' science czar--forced abortions. Where does the Messiah find all these NUTS? I guess it takes one to know one!!!

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