Friday, October 23, 2009


From the national debt clock: 1pm 10/23/09. These figures will have grown before you read this.
U.S. debt per taxpayer---not every citizen pays taxes-----$110,276
U.S. spending as of today------------------>3,000,000,000,000.
Budget deficit as of today------------------$1.28 trillion
Saving per U.S. adult--a measley---$2720.
Fed Reserve money "created"---------------$2 trillion
U.S. debt held by foreign countries-----------#3.5 trillion\
Interest on debt--------------$5,000,000,000 daily.
Unfunded liabilities ----Medicare,Medicaid, Social security $105.8 trillion
Unfunded liabilities per/citizen------$343,795
When Medicare was enacted the politicians estimated its cost----they were off by a factor of 8.
Do you really think we can afford Cap and Trade or socialized health care??? The US is already BANKRUPT and our dollar will not be accepted by our debt holders. If they want farm land at $5,000 per acre, you can kiss the Midwest GOODBYE.
We CANNOT afford Obama and his idiotic democratic Congress any longer.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Obama got WHAT

I can't believe Obama got the Nobel Peace prize. Hitler in 1936 got the Olympics for Berlin but the Messiah couldn't get it for Chicago. Do you suppose it had anything to do with the way he apologized to Europeans when he toured Europe. He did nothing to praise America. Did he forget that if it wasn't for American GI's in WWI and WWII that all of Europe would be speaking German.
Did he forget the Marshall plan-----America spent $50,000,000,000 rebuilding much of Europe. And a sign near where many of our GI's are buried says America take your trash home.
Did he forget that after each disaster---earthquakes, tsunamis etc that America is almost always first to aid the people affected. I'm very very tired of the way he talks about America.
I'm sure his education was paid for by Muslims, too bad they didn't have him take some courses
in Economics. For the "bailout" he used Keynesian economics (loaded with pork) just as Japan did in the 1990's---it didn't work then and has NEVER worked. He has increased our nation debt to where the interest on it is $500,000,000 each DAY. He is POWER hungry and wants to control our lives, even to tell how to raise our children. This country is BANKRUPT----the average John Doe just hasn't realized it yet. Our children and grandchildren will be pauper slaves to the government. Oh well, the world as we know is supposed to cease to exist Dec. 22/2012.
Is it too late to emigrate to New Zealand or someplace where the government has some common sense? May GOD spread his Grace o9n the USA before it becomes the Socialist States of Mexiamerica.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Does Obama ever tell the truth

Would Obama know the truth if it bit his tush? Recently he told the names of two people who were very ill and said that their insurance companies had suddenly cancelled their health insurance. It turn out that the companies didn't cancel their insurance and paid for their treatment. He is so used to lying that he has come to believe himself. He denies close ties to Acorn---another lie. HE HAS BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH ACORN SINCE 1994. Acorn gave a lot of money to his presidential campaign fund. They got their money back in the first "bailout" about $5.2billion. Since Acorn was founded it has received over $50billion from the government. Recently we have found out what a crooked organization Acorn really is. When he spoke at the Acorn convention he said "your agenda is my agenda and when I become President I want you to help me with my agenda. He has surrounded himself with unsavory characters. To name a few: Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Kevin Jennings, John Holdren, Tom Daschel, Cass Sunstein. At last count Obama had 47 czars and they answer only to him. He has lied about the healthcare bill---that illegals won't be included. But asking about citizenship will not be allowed. What a charade. He hasn't had time to talk to his General in Afghanistan but found time to go to Denmark to try to get the next Olympics in Chicago. Trying to repay his old cronies I guess.