Friday, December 11, 2009


Will Obama sign a CO2 pact in Copenhagen? I'd bet he does and the idiots in our Senate may also sign it. Everybody should call, email, or fax their Senators and tell them not to sign it. It has been proven that CO2 does not contribute to global warming. The scientists who are pushing this ignored any data that didn't agree with what they wanted to prove. And they cheated by taking temperatures in asphalt parking lots and on top of buildings with tar roofs. Normally temperatures are taken at ground level in the shade.
Also I recently learned that termites release more CO2 than all the cars and trucks in the world;
so why not just kill all the termites.
America has more oil reserves than Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran combined----enough to last 300 years at our present rate of consumption. For $37 per barrel oil can be produced by processing shale----why are we paying the Arabs $75 or more per barrel. I think Obama is a closet Muslim. He said he would transform America an he is; but he is bankrupting it first.
Wake up Americans before it is too late. We MUST get rid of the idiots in Congress and Obama.
Obama (our Messiah) wants to be King of the world. I'm very sick and tired of his bowing and saying depreciating things about the country I love.
Go to and let your Reps and Senators know how you feel.
Oh what the hell----the world as we know it may end 12/22/2012. (Mayan calender)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Will be ever get rid of Obama

When you think you've heard it all, you are mistaken. Obama, who has tripled our national debt in less than a year, now wanted to have our "volunteer army" carry health insurance so that the government will not have to pay for their care if they are injured in combat. He said "they knew what they were getting into when they enlisted". A big cry of DISMAY arose and I think he has backed away from the idea. Maybe I'm naive or just soft hearted but I think his idea was an insult. He is the "Commander in Chief"----what a crock that is.
Obama has never been in the service and has not a clue what combat is like. I can't imagine having enough gall to even think about doing what he wanted to do. Am I surprized---NOT A BIT. He is a narcissist who cares about nobody but himself----he is the Messiah and wants to be KING of the world. He says he taught "Constitutional law"----I don't think he understands the
Constitution. He certainly tramples it every chance he gets. I'm very afraid of his government.
Jeffferson said "when the people are afraid of the government, that is tyranny; when the government is afraid of the people, that is freedom". It is about time that we be free again!!
Hopefully we will be rid of him in 2012---we must be rid of part of his Henchmen in 2010and tge rest of them in 2012.