Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama's ties to ACORN

Obama first worked with Acorn in 1992 in a project called "project vote" which encouraged the poor blacks in Chicago to register and vote. Then in 1995 he represented Acorn in a law suit known as "Acorn vs Edgar" and he won a sizable settlement for Acorn. Following this he was recruited by Acorn to become a trainer-----he trained Acorn's trainers. They trained Acorn members in the art of intimidation. One thing they were trained to do was to fill bank lobbies with enough members to interfere with the banks operation. To return to normal operations the bank would agree to make "home buying" loans to people who could never repay them. In short Acorn was a sizable factor in the recent "housing crises". About the same time President Bill Clinton urged Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac to make sub-prime loans (smile Barney Frank).
Acorn was founded by Wade Rathke and Gary Delgado in 1970. Wade's brother worked for Acorn until he was found to have embezzled almost $1million----he now is with Apollo Alliance. Since 1994 Acorn has received $53billion from the government----they got $5.2billion in the first "bailout". Recently when the money was shut off by Congress 7 Senators (6 democrats and 1 independent) and 75 Representatives (all democrats) voted against the "shut off".
Really makes one PROUD to be an American doesn't it.
I'm sure the "prostitute tapes" were the final blow to Obama's friends at Acorn.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Future Obamaland.

The year is 2014 and Obama was re- elected to be our President in 2012 and was able to get a democratic Congress elected. Congress just repealed the 1st and 2nd admendments to our Constitution. Nobody other than the military and police may own a gun of any kind. Free speech is no longer a right. In fact you must now have permit from the government to conregrate as a crowd of more than 100 people except for approved sporting events. The FCC has brought about the end of conservative radio talk shows by requiring localism and that the boards of stations have at least 51% liberals on the board. Rush Limbaugh and Gregg Garrison are no longer available. Newspapers cannot print anything derogatory about Obama or his cohorts. Travel has become restricted----you need a permit to go more than 100 miles (in your small electric car) from your home. Health care is rationed---not enough doctors to care for everybody. The death rate for old people has soared. There is no chemotherapy for cancer patients because it is too exspensive.
Czar Sustien who believes animals are as valuable as humans has made it possible for your pets to sue you if you mistreat them. The Federal government now spends 62% of the nations GNP which is more than any socialist country in Europe. China has refused to accept U.S. dollars as payment for our debt to them. They are insisting on appraised real estate instead. They want farm land at $5,000/acre. Most of the Midwest will be owned by China. Welcome to Obamaland. Are you still happy you voted for him? I did not, but due to your stupidity I must live in the Socialized States of America. But not for long because I'm old, thank God.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama is desperate to conrol health care.

Obama now has control over several banks, insurance companies, and two auto makers. He is POWER hungry. It may surprise you but POWER is an acronym. The phrase it stands for is:
Piss On Who Ever Resists. I watched his speech on health care last night. He sounded angry,
contentious and paranoid. He threatened to "come after" those who lied about it. This is typical paranoid behavior. He just can't wait to control another 16% of our economy.
In his campaign he said many times that as President he would transform this country. He is trying his hardest to convert the USA into an European-like socialist state. He is very glib when his teleprompter is working correctly----and is LOST when it doesn't. If people had known then what we know now, do you think he would have been elected; I don't.
There is still the question of his birth certificate. I'm overjoyed that a Judge in California has set a trial date. Obama has spent over $1 million with Perkins & Coie (an international law firm) to keep his college and law school information "sealed" as well as keeping his "certified birth certificate"
unprovided. The health care bill MUST NOT be enacted and he and his Democratic Congress MUST NOT be re-elected