Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama is desperate to conrol health care.

Obama now has control over several banks, insurance companies, and two auto makers. He is POWER hungry. It may surprise you but POWER is an acronym. The phrase it stands for is:
Piss On Who Ever Resists. I watched his speech on health care last night. He sounded angry,
contentious and paranoid. He threatened to "come after" those who lied about it. This is typical paranoid behavior. He just can't wait to control another 16% of our economy.
In his campaign he said many times that as President he would transform this country. He is trying his hardest to convert the USA into an European-like socialist state. He is very glib when his teleprompter is working correctly----and is LOST when it doesn't. If people had known then what we know now, do you think he would have been elected; I don't.
There is still the question of his birth certificate. I'm overjoyed that a Judge in California has set a trial date. Obama has spent over $1 million with Perkins & Coie (an international law firm) to keep his college and law school information "sealed" as well as keeping his "certified birth certificate"
unprovided. The health care bill MUST NOT be enacted and he and his Democratic Congress MUST NOT be re-elected

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