Friday, October 23, 2009


From the national debt clock: 1pm 10/23/09. These figures will have grown before you read this.
U.S. debt per taxpayer---not every citizen pays taxes-----$110,276
U.S. spending as of today------------------>3,000,000,000,000.
Budget deficit as of today------------------$1.28 trillion
Saving per U.S. adult--a measley---$2720.
Fed Reserve money "created"---------------$2 trillion
U.S. debt held by foreign countries-----------#3.5 trillion\
Interest on debt--------------$5,000,000,000 daily.
Unfunded liabilities ----Medicare,Medicaid, Social security $105.8 trillion
Unfunded liabilities per/citizen------$343,795
When Medicare was enacted the politicians estimated its cost----they were off by a factor of 8.
Do you really think we can afford Cap and Trade or socialized health care??? The US is already BANKRUPT and our dollar will not be accepted by our debt holders. If they want farm land at $5,000 per acre, you can kiss the Midwest GOODBYE.
We CANNOT afford Obama and his idiotic democratic Congress any longer.

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