Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Obama's transparency

Obama promised his administration would be "transparent" but the only thing transparent about it is that Obama himself is transparent.
It is obious that he knows nothing about economics----he insists on using Keyneasin economics and doesn't realize that it has never and wll never work. But he persists because he wants to bankrupt this country so he can socialize it. He doesn't want to run a car company but he usurps the bankruptcy rules so that the unions win and bond holders and stock holders get royally SCREWED. He as thrown a trillion dollars of "stimulus" money into the economy but very little of it has been spent and the last of it will not be spent until 2024. And now he wants another stimulus. I guess his Democrat cronies in Congress have not yet got all the earmarks they want.
He is pushing hard to socialize medicine (another trillion+ down the old rat hole). His tax evading buddy ex-senator Dashle will write the regulations. They ignore that our health system is NOT BROKEN but is being severly punished by 12 to 20 million illegals who use our emergency rooms for medical care. I say SEND THEM HOME!!!

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