Monday, July 27, 2009

Miscalculation or lie?

Obama states that 47,000,000 Americans are without health insurance. the real number is
about 35,000,000. Apparently he was adding in about 12,000,000 illegal aliens. Maybe the point is moot----the Democratic Senate can't even figure out how to finance it. I don't suppose any of them would take a pay cut. Maybe Al Gore would be willing to throw in a few million---he has made over $3million off of his global warming BS. But Al has to pay his utility bill each month---the equal of the total for six average households. He spent a lot of money "greening" his house and now his utility bill is 20% higher. Do you feel sorry for him-----I sure DON'T. His "carbon footprint" is BIG---but he buys "carbon permits" from his mining company. Out of his left pocket into his right pocket. He really has done well for a guy that flunked out of seminary and got into law school only because his father was an U.S. Senator

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