Thursday, July 9, 2009

Expensive overhaul

Obama etal are goimg to overhaul will cost a mere $18million. This web site shows where the bailoout money was sent.
Maybe they are trying cover up the fact that blue counties (carried by Obama in the 2008 election)got two times the bailout money that red counnties (carried by McCain in the 2008 election)
AnotherFACT---Obama has managed to spend more money than all the previous 43 Presidents combined. Thats right: from Washington to and including BushII. If you voted for Obama, are you still happy. If you are still happy I bet you are very constipated and as long as you have your head up inside your rectum you will remain constipated!!! Wake up, get your head where it belongs and vote for every Republican you can in 2010----get rid of Pelosi, Reid, Kennedy, Dodd and their cronies.
Obama's popularity is dropping rapidly----only 30% of those polled approve of what he is doing. I believe that percentage is close to the percentage of stupid people in the USA. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

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