Friday, July 24, 2009

More on lobbyists and other crooks.

Do you know who writes the rules & regulations for lobbyists? Congress does. So to get around this ex-congressmen etc. call themselves "strategic advisers", "policy advisers", or "government
relations consultants". Thus former congressmen or congresswomen, relatives of them, or former campaign personel can "legally" do the very same things that a lobbyist can do. They can charge very high fees to corporations, foriegn governments, labor unions. trade associations etc. to try to get passed or to kill special-interest legislation or to get favorite projects funded.
Some of these people are:
President Bill Clinton--gets paid to help push legislation favorable to those who pay him.
Ted Kennedy Jr.----discussed earlier---very brazen.
Tom Daschle--ex Senate majority leader. His wife also "lobbies" Obama broke a campaign
promise when he appointed him Sect.of health & human services. Daschel also
had been on the Board of Mayo Clinic. And Daschel was an employee of Alston &
Bird---this group made almost $8million from drug companies, nursing homes,
Laboratories, nurses, and insurance companies. Also he got big bucks for speeches
for health giants (United Health Group). His income in 2008 was over $8.8million.
George Mittchell--another ex-Senate majority---a great friend of Dubai---worked for DLA
Piper and helped with the"camel jockey case" He forgot to pay all of his income tax?
Trent Lott----ex-Senate majority leader who resigned from the Senate and joined Breaux Lott
Leadership Group---their income in 2008 was just over $8million.
Bob Livingston-ex-House minority leader---resigned from the House after he was exposed of
having an extramarital affairs. These were publicized right after he shamed
Clinton about his B.J.'s etc. with Monica Lewinsky. Sounds like tit for tat. He is an
in your face lobbist who made a little over $9million in 2008.
Matthew Nugen---was "political advisor" to Obama during his campaign. He is now a
"strategic advisor" with the Ogilvy Group. Their income in 2008 was about
So you can see that being a lobbyist---excuse me---a strategic advisor or a government consultant is a very good job if you can get it. But I can't understand how these guys can sleep at night or look in the mirror and not get nauseated every morning.
Another Book to read: "FLEECED" by Dick Morris &Eileen McGann

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