Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A friend of mine got an invitation from AARP to register for a Town Hall meeting today at 1:30pm with Obama and AARP about Obama's health plan. Here is his reply with which I agree entirely.
"You can take your left leaning AARP and put it where the sun doesn't shine. The AARP is no longer promoting the well being of the senior citizens of this country. You are now nothing more than another ACORN, promoting the liberal agenda of this President. $500billion is proposed to be cut from Medicare and 12 million or more illegal aliens are to recieve FREE medical care. Now tell me, as an American that has worked all his life, how this is going to benefit most hard working and retired Americans? There is no cost containment in this bill. It will bankrupt our country. It is a LIFE TERMINATION POLICY FOR THE SENIORS OF THIS COUNTRY. MY QUESTION IS:
"WHY THE HELL IS THE AARP SUPPORTING THIS PLAN?" Your promotion of this plan makes Adolf Hitler look like a Saint. The AARP is helping to destroy the United States".

I'm sure he will not renew his membership----I dropped mine about 5 years ago.
There is some cost containment in Obama's bill-----He will let us old folks die if it is going to cost too much to treat us---a decision made by some government numbskull who could care less.

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