Saturday, July 18, 2009

Obama has plans to destroy the 2nd amendment

Obama will use a treaty signed by President Clinton with the OAS in 1997. The OAS includes all independent nations of the Western Hemisphere except Cuba. Clinton never presented the treaty to Congress, nor did BushII so it has never been ratified. The treaty is commonly known as CIFTA. At the OAS meeting in April 2009 President Obama said he would send the treaty to our Senate for ratification. He falsely claimed that the convention was merely an expression of good will. If ratified, police and sheriffs sales of confiscated guns would be oulawed by CIFTA. Also reloading ammunition would be outlawed. (At present in every U.S. state reloading is legal).
Thus either the Federal or each state government would have to pass laws to impose loading licenses and define unlicsensed reloading as a crime. Currently U.S. law requires a license to manufacture firearms. Under CIFTA you would need a license to make ANY part of a gun or to attach a scope, sling or bipod to any gun or to repair a gun yourself. It is easy to foresee Obama-appointed judges upholding massive new BATFE ( Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives) gun control regulations, especially when Hillary Clinton and the State Department's
top legal advisor insists to the courts that expanded federal regulations are necessary for the U.S. to comply with its international law obligations. Further CIFTA could be used to impose national licensing, regulation and taxation of gun owners without Congress having to enact new laws. The CIFTA treaty can be ratified by 2/3's of the Senate. The House could be cut completely out of the law making process.

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