Monday, July 6, 2009

More on Obama's health care

Even the Canadians don't like their system. Eight months to get a CT scan or a MRI exam. The Canadians who can afford good prompt care come across the border and get their care. A great example is a man who was told by his doctor that he might have a brain tumor. He was told it would be eight months before he could have his MRI. He came to a Detroit hospital and had his MRI the next day and it showed a brain tumor. He took the MRI films back to Canada and they wouldn't even look at them. He came back to the Detroit hospital and was seen by a neurosurgeon and was operated on the next day. The tumor was a glioblastoma. Had he stayed in Canada it would have killed him before he ever got the MRI.
Go to and type in "a short course in brain surgery.
Under Obama's plan, old people with a disease that would be costly to treat will be allowed to DIE. England's plan may be worse---there no chemotherapy for breast cancer patients because it is TOO EXPENSIVE.

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