Thursday, July 16, 2009

It looks like Sotomayor will be approved to be on the Supreme Court. Obama may need her soon and desperately. The Court has agreed to hear a case that could be the end of Obama as our President. It seems that he went to Pakistan in 1981. He could NOT go there on an American passport because NOBODY was allowed to do that. So what passport did he use.
If he used a British passport that apparently proves he was born in Kenya----like his Grandmother claims. She has said she "attended" his birth. If he used an Indonesian passport that means he was adopted by his step-father and therefore was and is a citizen of Indonesia. The USA does not allow dual citizenship. So I think Obama is between a stone wall and a hard spot. One MUST be a natural born citizen of the USA to be eligible to be President!!
I don't know if he also has more passports. I believe we don't know for sure just who the hell he really is. We do however know he is a SOCIALIST and is trying hard to bankrupt this once mighty nation.
It may turn out to be a very interesting year. I have no idea of when the trial may start but I do know how I want it to end.

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  1. Not true. Americans were allowed to travel to Pakistan in 1981.


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