Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Freedom of speech will be lost by Obama's actions

How will we lose our Constitutional right to free speech? Obama has it all planned! First he has a plan to kill talk radio; he considers Limbaugh and other conservatives as his enemies. He won't use the Fairness Doctrine. He will use a FCC rule requiring diversity, localism and public interest in programming. Each radio station will have to renew its license every two years (at present it is every eight years). Dick Durbin (D IL)inroduced the bill which was passed. This means that there will be diversity in ownership. Thus conservative owner will be forced out and replaced by liberals. The FCC has 5 members, 2 Republicans, 2 Democrats, and one appointed by the President.Thus the FCC can reissue the broadcast license to a more "diverse" group (read left wing liberals).Each station will have an "Advisory Board" that would be powerful and the station owners would have to follow their whims. Obama appointed Julius Genachowski as head of the FCC. The media reform groups
are overjoyed by his appointment. Durbin's bill requires the FCC ensure that station ownership is "diverse" and that licsenses are assigned strictly in the local public interest. Say goodbye to Limbaugh,Garrison,Hanity, Levine and other conservaties!

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