Monday, July 6, 2009

Obama's health care plan

Obama's health care plan will be a disaster. He soon will (with his idiotic Democrat Congress)
grant amnesty and citizenship to all illegals. This plus bringing in all the uninsured will mean RATIONING of health care. I am a retired Surgeon and I have talked to many MD's who say they will retire and find another profession if they have not built up an adequate IRA.

It takes 8 years to educate a family physician and at least 13 years to educate a Specialist. There will not be enough physicians to give everybody who needs it prompt good care. who recieves care will be decided by a government employee who has no real knowledge of disease or how to treat any disease. Obama thinks the Canadian model is great----well, it is NOT. In Canada you wait for many things:
To see a doctor---several days
To see a specialist---several weeks and sometimes several months
Elective surgery---as long as 3 years
Heart surgery----you will probably be dead before it is scheduled.

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  1. look up
    Fred Thompson had an infectious disease doctor on his program 7-15-09 who has actually read all 1000 pages of this bill. I forwarded that email to you Dr. Boyer. It is absolutely frightening. not much different than Hitler. also one of the writers is Rahm Emmanuel's brother who is a physician.
    dr. mary pat


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