Friday, July 10, 2009

Al Gore has become very wealthy from global warming BS

When Al Gore left office as Vice President his net worth was just under $2million. He now has $35million invested in hedge funds. I'd say that's not too bad for a guy who flunked out of divinity school and got into law school only because his father was a Senator. His wealth has come from speaking about and pushing Global warming. Global warming is a HOAX---it is based on a faulty computer program. Remember garbage in & garbage out.

Obama's trip to Russia and the meeting in Italy was a big flop. Putin agreed on one thing---the USA and Russia would reduce their nuclear arsenal by 1/3. In Italy, China and India essentially told the other countries "go fly a kite".
I believe India and China are right---I don't think global warming has anything to do with CO2. I've written about the extended ice core drilled in Greenland that showed a 27 year cycle---the earth cools for 27 years then warms for 27 years---1997 was the last warming year. Yesterday (July 9th 2009) it stayed below 70 F all day in Chicago---hope the Dailey gang all caught pneumonia!


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