Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Charlie Rangel---Also a CROOK

Rangel was elected to Congress in 1970----he defeated Adam Clayton Powell a civil rights leader who didn't even show up in Congress very often. Rangel fought in the Korean War. After the wae he finished high school, college, law school and became an assistant US attorney. He is now the hjead of the Ways and Means Committee.
After AIG fiasco and the huge bonuses they gave the executives, the Democrats wanted to wipe out the bonuses by levying special taxes on them. Rangel said NO; but then he changed his mind and sponsored a bill to impose a 90% tax on the bonises paid by AIG and other employees of banks that had gotten bailout money. During debate on the House floor he acted like a raving maniac.Maybe he didn't remember getting campaign money from banks. American Express, Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase & CO. and other for a total of $380,550,000. Apparently he had also forgotten that he had asked AIG for $10million for a school to be named after him. I guess it was quid pro quo for legislation that AIG wanted passed and it was! Rangel paid his son $80,000 to develope a web site that would help him get re-elected---it was a very good site and experts say it was maybe $100. He forgot to report on his taxes $75,000 rentel income. Seems that Charlis has a terrible memory as well as bein a CROOK.