Monday, July 20, 2009

No "rant" today---too depressed!!

I don't have a "rant" for today----I am too damned depressed by where this country is headed under Obama and his idiotic Congress. I'm beginning to think that many Americans deserve what is just around the corner. They just don't seem to care. But I don't want to live in a Socialist country. Should I learn Mandarin (chief chinese dialect) and be ready when China asks to be paid in American land. A few trillion dollars will buy a lot of land at$5000/acre Or should I learn Portugese (main language in Argentina) so I could emigrate there----an American enclave is being established there in the Andean foothills. Or should I move to Texas and hope that it secedes from the USA----it is the only American state that can legally do that. But I understand that Texas is in financial trouble. Oh well maybe I will become very ill and under Obama's health plan it might cost too much to treat me so they will just let me die.

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