Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama's disastrous health plan.

Obama is really pushing hard to get a national health plan enacted. He says our healrh system is broken. It is not broken but is very stressed by illegals flooding our ER's and by non-payers. I understand that health care may be expensive. The problem is that hospitals have to make money to keep the doors open. I have been on the Hospital Board of trustees for several years. We have spent millions to keep up with technology----They don't give MRI and CAT scanners away and the machines you have been using for five years or so are outdated now and must be replaced. Our local hospital has already gone to electronic records----at a cost over $1million. If everybody could or would pay their bill out of pocket or by insurance we would not be writing off over $1million each month. Most hospitals in Indiana are making no more than 4% over what it costs to treat each patient. Patients who can pay are paying part the bill for those who can't pay.
I mentioned keeping the doors open, the hospitals have to make enough money to expand as the community grows and to replace outdated equipment or add needed equipment. Hospitals also struggle to hire and keep a good nursing staff. There is a national shortage of nurses. Our hospital is fortunate to have an adequate nursing staff---many don't.
As a trustee I'm not getting rich---may yearly stipend works out to about 10 cents per hour spent on hospital meetings, getting prepared for Board meetings and other duties.
There are so many things wrong with Obama's plan I won't even go there. It bothers me most that decisions that really matter would NOT be made locally. Obama likes Canada's system. If it is so good why does any Canadian who can afford it come to America to get good prompt treatment.If you have internet access go to and type in "a short course in brain surgery". I think it will show you what the Canadians are getting for "health care". I don't
think Americans would be happy with their system. And it doesn't work any better elsewhere.
England will not give chemotherapy to breast cancer patients because it is too expensive. Our Senator Daschel has said that if an old person has a disease that would be expensive to cure that person should be allowed to die. I'm old and not real healthy BUT I'M NOT READY TO DIE.

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