Thursday, July 30, 2009

Is Obama a "closet" Muslim? Begining to looklike it.

Obama has just appointed two devout Muslims to Homeland Security posts:
David Heyman is now Assistant Sectretary for Policy
Arif Alikhan is now Assistant Secretary for Policy Development. He was instrumental in taking
down the LAPD plan to monitor LA's Muslim community. He is a Sunni.

This is very troubling. There are several (12 I think) Muslim camps inside the USA that teach terrorist tactics including bomb making. I know that most Americans are nice people but why on earth do we tolerate crap such as this. If I were President these camps would be raided, everybody there would be imprisoned and /or DEPORTED if they survived the raid. And the camp facilities burned to the ground.
Obama stated many times during his campaign that he would "transform" America. I sure as hell don't like ANYTHING that he has done so far, especially his apologizing to the world for some of our past actions. Maybe we should have let Germany win WWII---Hitler was more straight forward than Obama has been or will ever be----we knew he was EVIL.
WAKE UP AMERICA!! It is Getting VERY late. We must not elect Obama again. It will take several years to undo the damage he has done in just 6 months with the help of Congress that is controlled by Democratic IDIOTS. ENOUGH (actually TOO MUCH) ALREADY.

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