Saturday, August 1, 2009

The USA was started by Christains.

I just saw on Fox News how the USA got its start. All the members of the Constitutional Congress were devout Christains. After six weeks of bickering Ben Franklin suggested they adjourn for three days and attend church and pray a lot. When they resumed negotiatons there was no bickering and five weeks later the Constitution was signed by all of the deligates.
For many years each day both houses started the day with prayer. Every President has had a prayer day except Obama----maybe he couldn't decide in which Mosque to have it.
Think about this----most everybody says he is the first BLACK president. HE IS NOT BLACK---his mother was WHITE. Therefore he is a mulatto. But I don't believe he or his wife like white folks.(Obvious from what she wrote in college). Many times during his campaign he said he would transform America and he sure as hell is trying his best to do just that. Firstly he will bankrupt the country. Acorn and SEIU tell him what they want---between them they gave his campaign over $100million ----he spent over $800million. The liberal media love him---I wonder if they will still love him when he tells them what they can air or print. (I'll bet that will happen). He may even try to change the Constitution so he could serve more than two terms. His Democratic Congress MUST not be elected in 2010 and if he runs again in 2012, he must be defeated.

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