Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chris Dodd in hot water again

Chris Dodd has never lived in a house that he paid for----friends and people who have wanted him to push legislation they wanted enacted. Conversely to vote against they did not want enacted. I wrote a previous bit about this which is posted on my blog. He even "owns" a place in Ireland.
He got "special treatment" when he in 2003 took out mortgages on 2 of his "homes"---one in Coonnecticut and one in Washington D.C.. They came with V.I.P. treatment that lowered every cost usually involved in a Countrywide mortgage: origination fees, points, and the interest rate.
This was in return for favorable action by Dodd when regulations concerning the mortgage industry are discussed by Congress.
Dodd came by his crookedness without going outside his family. His father was kicked out of Congress for campaign fund violations anf other misdoings.
When I heard he has prostatic cancer, I hoped his bone scan would light up like a Christmas tree. But no such luck----they caught it early. He should be KICKED out of Congress just like his father was.

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