Thursday, August 6, 2009

Are tired of all the liberal crap yet.

If you are not very tired of all the liberal crap that has been thrown your way, I'd have to say you've had your head up your ass so long that you are constipated and have "fecal amnesia" If you don't get your head out of there very soon you will be living in the United Socialist States of America. Obama, whose education was paid for by Muslims, told us on many occasions that he was going to transform America---and he MEANT it. He is pushing us toward a copy of an European Socialist State. He has taken over the auto industry. the banking industry, and now is trying to take over the health industry (another 15% of our GNP). He is narciissitic and lately seems paranoid. Lord Acton said "power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely" Truer words were never spoken. Obama cares about nobody but himself. There was a video on you tube that showed Obama, his "dear friend Professor Gates" and the policeman who arrested him going down the Whitehouse steps toward the Rose garden for their "beer party". Guess who helped Dr. Gates down the steps---it sure as hell was NOT the Messiah. This should tell you a lot about Obama's character. Next on his list after Health care (death care for us old folks) is how to raise your children. He thinks the Europeans do a better job. In a nutshell he wants to CONTROL every aspect of your life. You'd best start praying often and loud for your children and grandchildren---they are destined to be paupers and slaves to the government.

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