Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Still NO certified birth certificate from Obama

Since he was elected Obama has spent $1,352,378.95 to keep his birth certificate, college records, and law school records secret. He has used international law firm Perkins Coie. Since he announced his campaign he has paid Perkins Coie $2,300,000.
What is he hiding? Law suits filed by several lawyers have all been dismissed without stating a really good reason.

I think it is time for his being eligible to hold the office be proved one way or another. There is
a video on you tube in which Governor Richardson states that Obama was not born any place in the USA. Obama's actions make one think he has MUCH to hide. I think he is a closet MUSLIM.

I watched his town hall meeting today and it was obvious that he doesn't really know what all is in that bill or if he knows then he is LYING again. He still says there are 47 million people without health insurance. But that figure includes 12 million illegal aliens and 20 million citizens who could afford insurance but don't think they need it. So a more accurate figure would be about 25 million. He wants CONTROL of another 15% of our economy. Do you know what POWER is? It is an acronym for "Piss On Who Ever Resists"

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